VIDEO: YouTube Keyword Tool – Not Quite Ready

YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool won’t help your SEO workflow just yet

I recently stumbled upon YouTube’s Keyword Tool (log into your YouTube account to view). It looks like an early version of Google’s Keyword Tool, which is the same tool that Mequoda uses to find keywords and perform SEO research internally and for clients. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide us with the same fruitful results that the  Google Keyword Research tool does.


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For a better view, click Full Screen mode & watch it in 720p.

Using the YouTube Keyword Tool, I’ve performed a fwe tests. I’ve found several niche keywords that offer a ton of search traffic from the YouTube search engine. I’ve weighed those keywords against the existing videos in YouTube results to find terms that technically should get me ranked quickly and easily. Sadly, I haven’t seen any increase in views on the videos I tested, despite one of the keywords supposedly offering hundreds of searches per month and only one video as competition.

There are a couple of reason why this may be the case:

  • It Still Has That Beta Feel – As I mentioned before, the YouTube Keyword Tool doesn’t have all the bells, whistles and polish that the Google Keyword Tool has. It feels very beta and it’s clear these are still the early days for this tool.
  • Not Enough Data – I’ve searched using YouTube Keyword Search Tool for terms like “article research tool” and “content marketing”. Both terms report back with “Not Enough Data”. If you use Google Keyword Research tool and searched for the term “article research tool” you’ll find that their are 260 searches per month.“Content marketing” has 3,600 searches per month. Even simple, obvious phrases that you would assume would have some traffic still display “Not Enough Data”.

I still think that this tool is important and we need to keep it on our radar. I will be performing a few more research exercises using the YouTube Keyword Research tool and report back my findings. This could be one way to drive traffic to our videos on YouTube but it’s just too early to tell.

Have you used YouTube’s Keyword Research tool? Let me know what your experience has been with it in the comments.


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