What Everyone Ought to Know About SEO Campaign Management

Invest 90 minutes and learn exactly how to conduct an effective SEO campaign, backed up by one full year of additional online Q&A support.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010 is unlike any other SEO training program you’ve ever encountered.

It’s not deceptive, fraudulent or unsubstantiated.

It’s not based on theory or guesses.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010 is based entirely on painstaking research, accurate metrics, and a continuous process to meet the demands of an ever-changing Google search algorithm.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Yes, it’s work. But once you master the skills, SEO Campaign Management becomes quick and easy to make part of your day-to-day publishing routine.

And SEO campaign management has a big payoff. Because the greater your audience, the greater your paycheck. The more you’re seen, the more you earn.

Online revenues are directly proportional to the size of your online audience. If you double your audience, you can double your revenue.

Does SEO campaign management work? Well, KnittingDaily.com grew by 65 percent in just 12 months using the techniques we explain in The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010. Your website could experience similar gains.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010 starts with nine online training modules and two illustrative case studies delivered in a 90-minute video, which you can purchase on CD for $197, or start watching instantly in Mequoda Pro and get on-demand access to this seminar plus 14 other information-packed online publishing training sessions for $297 a year.

Here’s what the The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010 covers:

Module #1: Using SEO to Make Money Online

Discover how to make Google your partner, sending you lots of traffic—the key driver for every online publishing business.

Module #2: Researching Keyword Popularity

Discover the scientific method for researching and choosing the right keyword phrases. It’s not guesswork when you use this strategy.

Module #3: Quantifying Keyword Competition

Discover how to use the Google Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) to determine the relationship of demand to competition. Virtually no one else will teach you how to do an analysis of your competition. Now you can target keyword phrases with precision.

Download a FREE copy of Best Email Subject Lines for Selling Premium Subscriptions and Memberships and discover an extensive list of email subject line frameworks that are consistently proven to sell and boost revenue for publishers.

Module #4: Building your Keyword Universe

Discover how to identify the most popular keyword phrases that web surfers use to find information about your niche topics and rank them in importance.

Module #5: Targeting the Best Keyword Phrases

If your SEO keyword strategy is to target only highly popular and competitive terms, you’re odds of SEO success are minimal. Discover why you might want aim at easier targets that yield higher returns.

Module #6: Titling and Creating your Free Special Report

Discover how to recycle and repackage content into downloadable special reports as part of your marketing program. These keyword-rich “white papers” with enticing titles can produce a steady stream of loyal, new subscribers.

Module #7: Writing and Designing your Rapid Conversion Landing Page

Discover how to offer your free special report with a keyword-rich, search-optimized, rapid conversion landing page that Google will index and send lots of traffic, based on as many as 20 keywords.

Module #8: Marketing your Free Reports

Discover numerous strategies for motivating your professional colleagues to recommend your free report and link to your offer, resulting in a higher Google page rank.

Module #9: Tracking your Results

Learn how to monitor and measure your SEO campaign for maximum results.

Once we’ve touched down on all nine modules, we dive into two case studies delivered by B2C publisher Interweave and B2B publisher Business Management Daily.

Want to start training yourself and your staff on SEO Campaign Management? You have two options.

Buy The Ultimate Guide to SEO Campaign Management 2010 on CD for $197

Become a Member of our Mequoda Pro online training library for $297 per year , and get access to this seminar plus 14 other information-packed online publishing training sessions on the topics of email marketing, social media marketing, business plan development, online advertising and more.


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