Writing Free Report Titles for Effective Search Engine Optimization

The most economical search engine optimization strategy is to start with the title of your free product

When writing for the web, often short bits of information, bulleted lists and abbreviated discussions work well and are easily digested by Internet readers.

However, when writing the title of a free report or product that you hope will get picked up by search engines, this is not the place to be succinct. Long report titles are good because they aid in organic search.

Our best practice for SEO writing is to write report titles where a colon separates the keyword phrase from a description, or a definition, or a desired result that contains the same or another targeted keyword phrase.

Choose a two-word or three-word phrase that you have researched using the Google Keyword Tool or with your Google Visibility Report as the report title anchor (“Team Building Strategies” for example) and choose one or two addition phrases as the subtitle, separated by a colon, to create an eight to 12 word title.

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Examples, with keyword phrases in bold:

  • Team-Building Strategies: Building a Winning Team for Your Organization
  • Canadian Stock Market Basics: How to Trade Stocks and Make Good Investments in Canada
  • The Case for Corporate Wellness Programs: How to Increase Workplace Productivity and Reduce Costs with Worksite Wellness Incentives
  • Decoding Stock Option Trading Information: Recognizing What’s Really Valuable for Successful Option Trading
  • Asynchronous Learning Trends: Making Collaborative Learning Work in the Online Classroom
  • Stock-Option Investment Essentials: Why Your Long-Term Investment Plan Needs Options

In addition to targeting more than one keyword phrase, titles such as these are search engine friendly because the Google algorithm rewards proximity.

It tries to determine if there are other phrases around the primary keyword phrase that “ought” to be there based on its analysis of all the other webpages that use the same phrase.

When it does, you are rewarded with a higher ranking.

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