Your Site Can Easily Use Facebook Connect

Operators of WordPress blogs can incorporate Facebook functionality with the help of Simple Facebook Connect.

This plug-in is beneficial to those without extensive knowledge of coding. Fortunately, it is also customizable, so your personalized branded-feel can be included.

Some functionality this plug-in affords, which is particularly relevant to publishers includes:

-Automatically publishing content to Facebook profile, application or Fan Pages.

-Allowing users to register for your website with their Facebook credentials, if you want to add that option alongside email registration.

-Join together comments made on Facebook with your website.

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Furthermore, the functionality includes the short code for multiple social attributes associated with Facebook, like the User Statues Widget, Like Button, Live Stream Widget, Fan Box Widget, Fan Count Chicklet, Activity Feed Widget, and the “Share” Button.

If you are considering the Simple Facebook Connect for WordPress, you will need WordPress 3.0 and PHP 5.

To learn more about this free plug-in, including frequently asked questions and installation methods, visit its website.


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