3 Tips for Digital Magazine Publishing

Insight from the OPA spurs tips on digital magazine publishing

If you think about all the types of digital content that exists, would you expect tablet owners to be buying digital magazines more than eBooks, digital newspapers, movies or TV shows? If not, you should. According to OPA’s new survey, magazines are the top form of content being purchased on tablets. (Poynter has a nice graphic of this stat.)

Since digital magazines are clearly of interest to consumers, here are three tips for digital magazine publishing.

How to succeed in digital magazine publishing

Digital magazine publishing tip #1: Use digital magazine content to generate website traffic. Top digital magazine publishing software generates pages with unique URLs. These URLs should of course be built with keyword phrases in them. The same goes for the archive of content you put online, so it can be indexed and ranked by search engines.

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Digital magazine publishing tip #2: Use digital magazine content to build retail visibility. Whether you decide to charge for premium content, or want to build more brand recognition with free content, adding digital magazine content into online retail stores will help increase visibility.

Digital magazine publishing tip #3: Transform your best-selling products into digital. Print publishers know what sells with their target audience. Turning these print products into digital products can help you increase revenue and find a new form of consumer that prefers digital.

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