3 Tips for Digital Publishing: Diving Deeper into Social

Digital magazine publishing utilizes social media to increase sharing opportunities; are you utilizing these three tips?

The presence of social media is all around us. Even when people aren’t actively engaging on a social network, they can have social experiences on websites and blogs. They can add their opinions to articles online and share their favorite content with their network of friends.

Today I have three tips to share about getting more social. Since many digital publishers have already taken to using social sharing icons on their websites and email templates, the tips I have to share will go beyond those simple processes.

Deeper dive into social media, tip #1: Image sharing – Are you a digital publisher with images in articles, but not using enough to warrant a lot of Pinterest activity? You can incorporate pop-up Pinterest buttons on photos so your audience members can share your images if they so choose.

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Deeper dive into social media, tip #2: Specific content sharing – Ever find an article that had a few amazing paragraphs, but overall it was just an average read? Digital publishers are often looking to get an entire article shared, but what about trying to get the key snippets, the most interesting parts of your articles, shared too? Perhaps this is a dialogue that you can start with your audience – persuading them to share what really resonates with them, even if it’s only a few sentences.

Deeper dive into social media, tip #3: Focused commentary – Have you tried using LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to facilitate conversations based on a focused topic? Using social networks and not just your articles to start these conversations may help the social interaction grow.

Do you have other often-overlooked social media tips to share with the community?


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