4 Core Goals for Digital Publishers on Twitter

Beyond the followers of your content, Twitter is its own community. People use the social network to share and consume information. As a digital publisher, you are a valuable source of information that people want to hear and learn from.

Digital publishers who are new to Twitter should consider these four core goals, which dictate your activities on the micropublishing social network.

Core goals for digital publishers on Twitter

-Traffic: Creating engaging tweets can send more traffic back to your website. Your website landing page can then elaborating on your tweet’s message, with the initial expectations of developing a new audience members.

-Conversions: These new audience members should be converted into some form of subscriber, be it free or paid, through the use of landing page conversion architecture.

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-Communication: There are a few different ways your Twitter activity can help in your communication endeavors. First, your messages on Twitter can be conversation starters for your audience members. Secondly, they can also show the knowledge and expertise you have to share.

-Research: Twitter is a great way to see what the competition is doing.

To achieve success with these goals, you will need to have great content, interesting things to say, and understand the etiquette used on Twitter.

Do your activities resonate with these Twitter goals? Or are you using the social network with other goals in mind? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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