A Dozen Options for Generating Revenue

Successful publishers always utilize multiple revenue streams. Doing so offers the best opportunity for growth as brand recognition can develop through multiple platforms.

Throughout the years we’ve identified 12 ways publishers can generate revenue online. Of course, not every publisher utilizes all the available opportunities. But mixing and matching the correct revenue streams with your brand’s expertise can lead to favorable results.

In the past we’ve discussed 12 revenue models that digital publishers can use to generate more revenue, including:

-Events: Live events lead to interactions with your most devout audience members. They create community and build networking opportunities. The price tag is typically higher than all other revenue models.

Subscriptions: Whether digital or printed, subscriptions offer renewable income for publishers. For some publishers, digital subscriptions are responsible for around 14 percent of total subscriptions.

-Single copies: The tablet revolution and growth of digital marketplaces makes it easier to sell single copy digital products.

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-Software: Publishers selling software have a great chance to promote and distribute online.

-Videos: The popularity of video content has grown exponentially as more people use mobile devices.

-Books: Archived content, presented in physical or digital books, can find new audience members online.

-Merchandise: Branded products create a new revenue stream for your organization.

-Leads: Generally, sites selling listings are self-service that let the advertiser input content and pay.

-Clicks: Some websites make millions through selling clicks, especially when partnering with Google Adsense.

-Impressions: If your website traffic is high, advertisers will want prime real estate that visitors will see.

-Listings: Companies get involved with listings so they can be part of active communities.

-Endorsements: Sponsors want to be associated with great content that has a devote audience.

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Originally published 4/2/12



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