A Product Opportunity in Digital Magazine Publishing

Have you considered this potential digital magazine publishing revenue stream?

What are you using your tablet for? Many are spending evening hours with their mobile devices, reading news and browsing the Internet. This habit alone creates some possibilities for digital magazine publishing success.

First, you can publish featured content and release messages through social media during the peak times for tablet usage (after 5 pm). Recent data has shown that this is a primary time tablet usage, especially for people 35-54 years old. News and media consumption are popular during this time frame.

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Next, there is a digital magazine publishing opportunity that some are already focusing on. This strategy can involve a larger expression from your brand, or you can seek aligned sponsors for the project.

Since tablets afford a multimedia rich, innovative experience bundling a digital magazine with a shoppable catalog of products.

Have you considering bundling media with your digital magazine offerings? This is one way additional advertising can be included within a digital package, yet the promotional pairing isn’t too invasive. And since the shopping experience has been enhanced with the help of tablets, this strategy might fit well with some audiences and brands.

If you have offered this type of bundled media package with your own products or third party products, please share your story with the community.


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