A Tool to Use Alongside the Google Keyword Tool

UberSuggest will help you find some keyword phrases that Google may have missed

The Google Keyword Tool is very helpful in the process of keyword research, but like most other things, relying exclusively on one tool could be hurting your overall results. Perhaps Google’s Keyword Tool isn’t returning every aligned phrase that is beneficial to the audience of digital publishers.

With curiosity in mind, it’s worth trying out other keyword tools, especially if they don’t cost anything.

One keyword tool that I’ve been using in conjunction with the Google Keyword Tool is UberSuggest.org. After conducting a few searches with this tool, I noticed keyword phrases in the results that were not coming up in Google’s tool. I’ve been using this tool along side the GKT because the tool is really only helpful for finding new keywords. It does not provide search information on any of the results.

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I’d recommend giving UberSuggest a try since it has helped find some additional keywords, and it does not cost a thing.

As I’ve done, be sure to use UberSuggest in conjunction with Google Keyword Tool. You will want to know search statistics and competition on the keyword phrases you made end up with.

And if you are looking for additional suggestions on keyword tools, check out this article from Garrett French at Search Engine Watch.


    What keywords the people use for their search is something that you must learn. Knowing it would enable you to use it and attract more people to your site.


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