Analytics and Your Content – Finding True Value

Analytics only have value to those who know how to interpret the data

We’ve been talking about video content a lot lately because it is one of the cornerstones of online content creation. In the process of creating great online video content, some digital publishers have turned to private hosting websites because the associated analytics are more comprehensive. Amanda MacArthur has written about the differences between free and paid hosting sites in this article, in case you are interested in the topic.

For all types of online content – from video to written articles – analytics play a huge part. Without knowing the most popular content your audience is turning to, you have no idea how to focus your content creation efforts. You cannot properly target and allocate resources in the right places without understanding your analytics. And this is the main reason we’ve developed our new webinar Understanding Google Analytics, so digital publishers can learn which metrics are the most important in their content publishing endeavors.

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The Understanding Google Analytics webinar will air live on August 7 at 12:30 pm ET. During the 90-minute program, you will learn the 12 most important metrics that should be a part of your daily dashboard. Understanding these key metrics will supply you with the knowledge needed for planning and refining your publishing strategy.

Register for this webinar early. If you are a Mequoda Pro subscriber, you will receive your login information one week prior to the program’s air date.


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