Another Print Magazine Goes Strictly Digital

Pure digital magazine publishing continues to grow amid digital medium expansion

Last week we shared a few stories on the growth of digital magazine publishing, which includes the transition away from print for a few publishers.

As lovers of legacy print media, we don’t like to see print magazines disappear from the marketplace. However, we can understand and recognize the reason for this trend, and we are excited for the future of digital magazine publishing.

Recently we learned that Dow Jones & Co. will stop producing a print version of SmartMoney. As a direct response, the digital edition of the magazine will receive more attention.

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As reported on the (which is also published by Dow Jones), part of the reason for straying from print is the speed required in producing personal-finance magazines. “It’s clear that the volatility of markets and asset classes has increased the need for rapid delivery of personal finance intelligence, so we will be expanding our team and presence on the Web,” stated editor in chief of Dow Jones Robert Thomas.

What’s significant about this change to digital-only is that SmartMoney is a major publication amongst the personal-finance crowd. If it were a smaller, more niche publication, the news may not be as significant. Last year, the circulation of SmartMoney was over 813,000, putting it towards the top of the market.

Fortunately, has been growing in popularity; the site’s unique visitor count has increase 14% since May 2011, reaching 1.6 million people.


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