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Defining Your Audience Through Digital Personalities

The IBM Institute for Business Value recently released a report entitled ‘Beyond Digital: Connecting media and entertainment to the future’.

The report was compiled to help media and entertainment companies understand audiences better. As the opening sentence of the executive summary states, “The new behaviors of connected consumers – which include social viewing, distracted viewing and viewing on demand – have greatly impacted M&E providers.“

Since we are all in the business of content, and need to understand the behaviors of our audiences, this report categorized users with one of four major “digital personalities”.

Here is a look at all four personalities, direct from IBM’s executive summary:

-“Efficiency Experts.” This largest group (41% of global sample) sees the adoption of digital devices and services as a way to make life easier.

-“Content Kings.” This digital personality (9% of global sample) includes dedicated gamers, newshounds, movie buffs, music lovers and TV fans.

-“Social Butterflies.” These consumers (15% of global sample) cannot imagine not being able to instantly access any of their friends.

-“Connected Maestros.” This personality (35% of global sample) combines the behaviors common to Content Kings and Social Butterflies with even more sophisticated behaviors.

What category or categories do your audience members fall into?

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2 thoughts on “Defining Your Audience Through Digital Personalities

  1. This is great. It’s so important to understand the nuances of today’s ‘Unbound Audience’ so that you can properly craft your content for them.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Michael. Appreciate you adding the term ‘unbound audience’ into the conversation.

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