Two Types of Desirable Multiplatform Magazine Sponsorships

Exclusivity is the name of the game when it comes to multiplatform magazine sponsorships

If you have children, or even when you were a child you remember, that no child ever truly wants something until someone else has it. Toto the fluffy dog may sit on the end of the bed for a month, but when a cousin comes to visit and starts to play with Toto, a war breaks out. Suddenly both children must have it. Whoever ends up victorious is a happy camper and the other will cry for the next 20 minutes to an hour.

Exclusivity is a game, and it doesn’t end with toddlers. From wanting the stuffed dog as a toddler, to coveting a flashy car as a teen, you always want to win.

Channel-based magazine sponsorships are how you can tap into this primal need when it comes to attracting advertisers. Instead of selling them a banner next to someone else’s banner, give them complete coverage of a channel.

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Email channel magazine sponsorships


Because you send email every day to your subscribers, you have many opportunities to sell ads in the emails. In a Mequoda sponsorship package, sponsors of packaged programs also get opportunities to have the lead spots on these daily and weekly emails.

Sponsors will get the first rectangle in the email, along with the first text ad associated with an email stack. These efforts can be aligned with web channel content, so the sponsor’s ads are, again, adjacent to the content most popular with their target audience.

This works best when the topic of the email aligns with the content of the sponsor. So if you’re Cosmo and it’s a Makeup Monday newsletter, Maybelline might be a better sponsor than Crest since they’ll be covering every ad spot in the newsletter.

Web channel magazine sponsorships

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The next key element in a successful advertising revenue model is SEA web channel sponsorship. This refers to advertising space on your web site – exclusive to one of the major topics covered by your portal and magazine.

For example, in our Green Gardens case study (familiarize yourself here), we offer an exclusive on the ads appearing in the “rose” channel. Whenever someone looks at rose content on the site, only the web channel sponsor’s ads appear. An ideal sponsor would be aligned, like online retailer Edmunds Roses.

This offers your sponsor the kind of content alignment they value. This isn’t just an ad in a magazine someone flips through – maybe. This is an ad placing your sponsor directly adjacent to the content most aligned with their target audience.

How are these sponsorships exclusive? You only have a finite amount of primary categories you cover.

Once you’ve sold a channel’s ads all to one sponsor for the year, you can’t sell it again. On the other hand, when the time for renewal comes along, you can play sponsors off of each other. If sponsor X doesn’t want the ads exclusive to the content that best aligns with their products, I’m sure their competitor will!


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