Digital Magazine Publishers: Survey Your Audience to Determine Tablet Penetration

Some digital publishers discover relevant information by surveying their audience

The publishers who survey their audiences and do not experience the survey results they expect may be asking the wrong questions.

For instance, your audience may be more apt to respond when you explain to them that the data you’re looking to collect has the ability to enhance their content consuming habits.

As tablet prices drop, more audience members will be considering getting a digital reading device if they don’t already have one. Your goal should be to appease those currently owning one, learning which device they prefer and both positive and negative aspects of their experience thus far.

Furthermore, presenting your new digital content to those not currently owning a tablet will help them realize what they are missing. Now that digital publications have the opportunity to be media-rich – comprising of digital audio, video, photographic, interactivity and games – audience members can be persuaded to make somewhat minor investments to receive their favorite content in enhanced forms.

A chapter in our new free report entitled Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics discusses how Interweave, a popular arts and crafts publisher, has already started to survey their audience. Doing so has helped them discover how many audience members own tablets, and how many are expecting to buy them in the near future. They plan on executing this survey quarterly to compile a set of benchmark data and stay up-to-date with the expectations of their audience members.

If you haven’t already downloaded a copy of Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics, do so now to learn tips for digital publishing success.


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