Digital Magazine Publishing App Strategy

5 ways to monitor and optimize your digital app publishing activities

Digital magazine publishing apps will not sell themselves. It may be unfortunate, but they do not exist under the pretext of ‘build it and they will come’. There is no lack of competition with the sheer volume of apps in digital stores. Hoping that people will stumble upon your app and buy it or download it are lofty hopes.

If you are currently throwing ideas and strategies against the wall, hoping they will stick, there are better ways to approach your digital app strategy. The tips below are designed to help you market and track the results of your campaigns, leading to an understanding of the lifecycle that exists for your digital products.

Consider these components of a digital app strategy

Marketing your apps: You need to market your apps through all the platforms you publish on. This will inform your current audience about the product, and it will direct them where to download or buy. Doing this with the Apple Store also gives you the chance to sell the app as an affiliate, so you can get a bigger cut from the sale.

Updating your apps: Adding new features and functionality gives you the chance to see which app your audience prefers. The results should help you dictate new product creations for the future.

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Analyzing your apps: Tracking mobile traffic, gross and net conversions, and the revenue you generate from apps are all important. Are you making more money than you spent to have your apps developed? Along with analytics, surveying your audience can lead to other valuable perspectives on what is desired from your apps.

Generating revenue from apps: What new business models do you plan on introducing with your apps? Will you be selling single issues, or offering annual subscriptions? Will you venture into other forms of media like ebooks, video or podcasts?

Utilizing technology for apps: If you are publishing to OSX devices, which most digital publishers are due to its popularity, you may be aware of the Apple’s push technology. This technology sends notifications to users when updates are available. Utilizing this for your apps will keep engagement levels up.

Are you monitoring your apps? Please share your stories in the comments below.


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