Digital Marketing – Catering to Impulse Buys

Digital marketing allows for more ways to offer impulse buy opportunities

Have you ever impulsively bought something? Do you allow your audience members to impulsively buy your products?

For digital magazine publishers and other content producers, it can be difficult to create impulse buying opportunities. For those with physical print products, the main hope is an impulse buy of a magazine issue. Most of these scenarios dictate new audience members or one-time buyers – not subscribers.

The major changes taking place in the digital environment have created an opportunity to provide more digital impulse buys. Digital publishers can use this within and alongside the content they already provide.

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Here’s a look at a few options for creating digital impulse buy opportunities.

-In digital magazines: There is a lot of potential in any issue of a digital magazine. All of the content products of physical products within the digital magazine can be linked to sales pages. This can be used for the products offered directly by publishers or third party sponsors they support. Hyperlinks can be used for images and text, in advertising or editorial content – providing a comprehensive opportunity to buy directly.

-Social media: Social media can be an interesting avenue for impulse buys. If a consumer subscribes to a company they like, they are looking for content and information from the company. Images of products can be tweeted or posted on Facebook with discount pricing that could lead to direct sales from social subscribers.

-Connecting online and offline promotions: QR codes are growing in popularity. There are still many people who don’t understand what QR codes are or how they’re used, but recognition is growing. QR codes can be used to direct audience members to online properties from physical products and marketing materials at live events. Of course, these online properties can be direct sales pages if the strategy fits with your physical offer.

Are you using any of these digital impulse buy opportunities? Please share your experiences with the community.


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