Digital Native Survey – Print Reading Habits [Video]

Through statistics and careful observation, it’s clear to see that the tablet industry is growing. Hundreds of millions of tablets are predicted to sell in the coming years. This growth is creating more opportunity to create appealing digital products for tablet users.

Digital natives are certainly an important demographic in this scenario. They have grown up with technology and turn to it in many aspects of their lives, from interacting with their friends and family to consuming media.

During our Digital Native Survey, we asked about the current consumption habits of magazines with this question:

“Do you read more magazines online or in print?”

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Out of the respondents, 44% said they read more online than in print. This is an interesting statistic as the transition to digital has taken a lot of time and effort for publishers and many are still not offering high quality digital content. Yet, 44% of our respondents prefer to consume magazines online than in print.

The other question from the following video clip is:

“Would you rather read a print magazine or a tablet magazine?”

The respondents in the video appear to be strong advocates of tablet devices. However, the totality of our survey showed that print was read more at home. Perhaps tablet magazines are more desirable for mobile consumption. Watch this clip now to see direct responses from our digital natives.


The full-length Digital Native Survey video can be found here. It shares a direct look at digital natives, and how they interact with the Internet and digital technology. Digital publishers and online business owners need to understand this market for greater future success. If this demographic is important to your business’ success, spend some time watching the full Digital Native Survey now.

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Originally published 12/21/2011


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