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Digital Publishers and Online Marketers Turning to Tablets

Consumer confidence appears high with tablet devices

Tablets play a major part in making a digital revenue stream viable for publishers. Recent statistics have shown that digital publishing apps are one of the main sales destinations for tablet owners.

eBooks also present a relevant digital revenue stream. The market has seen tremendous growth as sales have increased by 300% for the second year.  Additional information shows that eBook readers consume more content, including print books, than other consumers.

With global ownership of tablets expected to reach 760 million by 2016, reasons to turn towards the tablet are clear. There is an active market, and publishers are a focal point within that market.

Further information from Local Corporation discusses the ways tablets are used to research and purchase products. The interesting data here is that 80% of respondents reported using their tablet for research and purchasing, at least some of the time. The biggest segment, accounting for 23% of the respondents, said they “often use tablet in conjunction with laptop or desktop PC for product research and buying.” Another 19% said they used their mobile phone in conjunction with their tablet for research and making purchases.

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Shopping on tablets is catching on, and it offers online retailers and digital publishers an ideal way to combine content, commerce, and community.

According to eMarketer, the top three reasons for researching products cited by tablet owners are:

-The tablet is an ideal tool to research products before making purchases (cited by 50% of respondents).

-Tablets are used to research products before visiting a store (cited by 50% of respondents).

-Tablets are great for browsing digital catalogs from favorite retailers (cited by 48% of respondents).

Marketers turning to tablets

In today’s digital environment, marketers are using multiple tools within their campaigns. A recent article shows that a third of online marketers use five or six tools in their campaigns.

The top three tools cited are social media marketing or ads, mobile marketing or ads, and tablet marketing or ads.

It’s not surprising to see tablet ads as an emerging tool for online marketers, as they can be utilized throughout an array of markets, for both content and physical products.

Have you started advertising through tablets? What kinds of results have you seen? We’d love to read about your experiences in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Publishers and Online Marketers Turning to Tablets

  1. Chris Bass says:

    It seems like a natural progression that digital publishers would begin making and pairing with tablets. And now, that some publishers, like BookTango are offering 100% royalties for authors who publish, pairing with tablets can offer additional monetary gain for publishers.

    I also think that because of that common sense pairing, marketers will begin massive advertising (including digital publishers) on all electronic tablets. Most tablets already do that.

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