Digital Publishers Build Links to Drive Traffic

Some links are certainly better than others. Any SEO will tell you that a link from a reputable site, organization, or government entity will be more favorable than a link from a site containing black hat SEO, or worse (like malware).

Link building is one popular method for increase website traffic. When done correctly, it can help develop much larger audiences. However, when done incorrectly, it can now lead to penalties from Google, as the recent Penguin update has impacted websites with an excess of low-quality links within its pages.

Many digital publishers are now wondering what constitutes a good link. A recent article from SEOmoz shares five characteristics of great links.

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Elements of quality links

-The links are from respected brands, websites, people and organizations.

-The links are found on pages that other reputable websites have linked to.

-The links are valuable to your audience members.

-The links are within the content of the page.

-The links aren’t replicated a lot on the linking website.

The rest of this article discusses SEO steps for gaining traffic after the Penguin update. Take a look, especially if you were negatively impacted by Google’s latest attempt at making search results better.


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