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4 digital publishing stories you may have missed recently

I’ve been tracking related to digital publishing for months. In late 2011, the term, and closely aligned terms, retrieved a couple of responses each day. That number has quadrupled lately, as the digital magazine publishing industry has more news to share, and is optimizing their content for Google.

Today, I wanted to share four articles on digital publishing with you.

At MPA Digital: Swipe, Publishers See Gains From Tablet Efforts – Folio. Over a quarter of the US population is expected to own a tablet by 2014. The devices represent a billion dollar industry that publishers can take advantage of. This article highlights insight from Paul Verna, senior analyst with eMarketer.

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Publishers Cite Tablets As Top Tech Priority – MediaPost. A new survey from Software & Information Industry Association finds about 60% of publishers consider “tablets, mobile publishing and/or new web products” as a high priority. This article looks at some other findings from the survey.

Google Digital Newsstand & 2 Other Industry Myths – Mequoda. This article highlights some of the myths associated with digital publishing today, and points out facts surrounding them.

NYT: We Have 454,000 Digital Subs So Let’s Turn Down The Meter – Digital subscriptions are selling at The New York Times, and because of it, the company wants to limit direct access to free content by half.


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