How Content is Consumed on Mobile

Do you know where your mobile attention should be?

The mobile market is on the minds of media brands. This isn’t surprising since mobile devices are quickly becoming focal points of engagement. ExactTarget reports that 88 percent of smartphone users filter content with their mobile devices first, then reader through the content on their PC at a later time. Email is one important aspect to mobile device users, but it certainly is not the only one.

According to eMarketer, smartphones will be in the hands of nearly 80% of mobile phone users by 2016. This prediction means that slightly less than 60% of the entire US population will have a smart phone by 2016.

Another article states that among these mobile device users, one-third will be using social media and consuming video content.

In 2012, 61.2 million video viewers are watching content on their mobile devices. Next year, this number is expected to increase to 73.3 million. By 2016, there will be 110.1 million mobile video viewers, which will account for 33.5% of the population.

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Who are being targeted through video content? Last year, when video ad campaign proposals weren’t gender-agnostic, they were three times more likely to target women.

However, video isn’t the only type of content being consumed. From the eMarketer article: “In addition, according to eMarketer estimates, the population of mobile music listeners will nearly triple in the US between 2011 and 2016, rising from 30.9 million to 81.3 million.”

As for social media, currently there are 77.7 million users engaging with social media on smart phones. This number is expected to increase to 107.4 million in 2014.

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