How to be a Leader in Digital Magazine Publishing

5 tips for succeeding with digital magazine publishing

The digital magazine publishing industry relies heavily on existing tablet devices. This truth means digital magazine publishers have to consider how content is consumed on tablets.

Digital magazine content is typically divided into two product types: interactive replicas and interactive tablet editions. The interactive replica is formatted the same as its print counterpart, while interactive tablet editions are designed specifically for tablets.

Digital magazine publishing success relies on understanding these product types, designing them properly, and distributing them to tablets so they’re visible to the best possible audiences.

Understanding digital magazine publishing product types

You know the difference between interactive replicas and interactive tablet editions. However, the real value lies in understanding what consumers want from digital magazine products.

Interactive replicas give digital publishers the opportunity to present their digital content to tablet owners. This also gives the tablet users a chance to have as many digital magazines with them where ever they choose to go. Replica and replica plus digital magazines are the most frequently created because they’re the easiest to produce. However, there are certainly benefits to creating interact tablet products. The main components that users appreciate from interactive tablet editions are enhanced layouts, bonus images, and video content.

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What makes a good app for digital magazine publishing?

The app market is saturated. But that doesn’t mean every digital publisher who has created an app is successfully generating revenue or audiences from their digital magazine apps. There are particular components of apps that are found within the most successful, revenue-generating digital magazine apps.

McPheters and iMonitor have evaluated over 5,000 apps to determine the characteristics of popular apps. The apps with high iMonitor ratings receive more revenue, and they include this set of functionality: design, functionality, use of rich media, and advertising enhancements.

The most successful apps provide three advantages.

1. Successful apps allow your readers to delve more deeply into content that they value.

2. They provide more personally relevant content, either through interactivity or localization.

3. They incorporate transactional capabilities, shopping lists, sharing and social media to fulfill users’ desire for a product.

There are many other factors involved in becoming a digital magazine publishing leader. The product matters, but finding the right audience, marketing properly, and partnering opportunistically is also very important.

Are your digital magazine publishing activities praise worthy? Please share your experiences with us.


    Thank you for the article, Chris. I am exploring the idea of launching a digital magazine (Thus, the ‘How to’ mentioned within the title was compelling). However, the larger and more specific questions not addressed are around identifying a unique niche (As numerous magazines presently exist for most subjects), sourcing new/unique content and choosing the right revenue model. Accoutrements of delivery (Interactivity, hyperlinks, videos, etc…) are more or less secondary.


    Regarding point number one, what are some ways readers can delve more deeply into the content?


      Hi KJ,

      Readers can go further into content if there are hyperlinked sections in the digital magazines that lead to additional resources. This can also be the case with products.



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