Innovation in Digital Publishing

4 components being used to go beyond magazine publishing

As the discussion of digital publishing’s future continues, some publishers are taking a step back to look at the environment.

For instance, publisher Conde Nast has decided to slow its process of digitizing their magazine portfolio for the time being. According to an article from MediaPost, “Conde will focus on increasing sales of its current suite of releases”.

Even with a game-changing device like the tablet, there needs to be a game plan worth implementing.

In order to truly “wow” consumers, publishers need to become more innovative with the way they utilize the tablet device. Simply putting magazine content on the web is not enough. There has to be a media rich experience that cannot be had anywhere else before the real power of the tablet is understood.

Fortunately, there is some innovation in the industry. Some companies are making the tablet platform unlike any before with these following four components.

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Components for tablet innovation

Post-Magazine App – This app includes repurposed print content and dynamic website content while offering links to relevant locations for further information or purchasing opportunities.

Real-Time Feeds – An app that features a newsfeed, which aggregates new content, is a great addition to multimedia and user generated content.

Special Interest – A special interest publication can put focus on a specific topic while covering it with delightful imagery and inspiring content. Interaction with other fans is valuable with special interest content as well.

Use Web Content Effectively – One of the most desirable factors of the tablet is its touch screen. Publishers have to utilize this well to properly entertain audiences. Adding tappable slide shows with audio and video makes for a richer media experience.

Some brands are using tablet apps as a destination where its entire multiplatform content comes together. This model will likely remain popular with legacy publishers, in addition to the many ways they can enhance their content.

For more information, including examples of publishers using these components, check out this article from MediaPost.


    First we replicate, then we innovate.

    New technology always takes the same proven path.



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