Learning How to Publish Through Multiple Devices

According to Forrester, 760 million tablets will be in use worldwide by 2016. Yet many publishers do not have a tablet publishing strategy in place.

How can legacy publishers succeed in digital magazine publishing, or use eBooks as an additional revenue stream if they do not have the big picture figured out? There isn’t a lot of time to waste because the current evolution is happening quickly. New changes take place weekly; do you know which require attention and which should be ignored?

For digital publishing, Optimizing content for the specific requirements of each tablet can be a significant investment. However, the costs of doing nothing are likely far greater, resulting in weaker user experiences, less traffic, and lost sales.

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There is a need or digital publishers to prioritize their efforts. During the Digital Publishing Bootcamp, we will investigate how digital publishers have begun acclimating to the digital change by delivering content anytime, everywhere, on every device their audience uses.

Discover insights into the latest tablet trends, marketing techniques, and digital publishing software, and get help deciding which platforms to support. Learn ways to reduce edition production time and create rules for choosing to make replicas, content reflows, or content enhancements.

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