Magazines More Significant With Pulitzer Prize Expansion

via Pulitzer Prize


The Pulitzer Prize is considered one of the top awards for journalists. It’s been this way for years. Now, writers for magazines could receive the prestigious award as magazines are now brought into the mix.

It’s not too surprising to see this expansion as eligibility was brought to digital-only news sites back in 2008. The categories where magazines now fit into eligibility are investigative reporting and feature writing.

Of course, even with magazine writers gaining eligibility, there are some requirements. An article from Folio shares these. Entrants still have to meet requirements around frequency—publishing at least weekly online or in print—and mission—organizations must be “primarily dedicated to original news reporting and coverage of ongoing stories,” and “adhere to the highest journalistic principles.”

It’s also stated that going forward, magazines may become a more significant part of the Pulitzer Prize’s future.

Learn more about magazine eligibility and the Pulitzer Prize at Folio. 

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