Managing the Customer Experience

Publishers today have a complex mix of digital opportunity at their fingertips. Complexity is familiar to publishers – from the intricacies of printing and distributing physical products, to harnessing the newfound power of digital.

With the opportunities of digital publishing comes a lot of clutter. Not every new digital trend will be valuable to your brand. Understanding your audience’s behaviors will help you determine the digital strategies worth your time.

For digital publishers, the customer experience is more important than ever before. Customers in the digital age share, tweet, and write about the things they like, and are more outwardly critical about the things they don’t. Content that goes ‘viral’ online is simply shared quickly, in large volumes.

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As digital publishing continues its evolutionary path, publishers are seeing more than producing and marketing content. There are digital systems that can increase efficiency through automation. Integration between your website, partners’ websites, and affinity platforms create a new, relevant way of communicating with customers.

The result of combining and integrating digital systems is the customer experience management system (CXMS). Derived from the culmination of a content management system, customer relationship management system, a marketing automation system, and a digital asset management system, the CXMS is the nexus for future success in digital publishing.

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