Network with Like-Minded Digital Publishers

Aside from three days of content on developing a digital publishing powerhouse, the Internet Marketing Intensive offers networking with like-minded digital publishers.

These networking opportunities have two major benefits:

First, you can learn from these other publishers. The intimate setting allows attendees to share their stories, both good and bad.

Second, you have the unique chance to develop partnerships. Our past events have led to profitable relationships numerous times.

If you want to experience a program filled with actionable content and valuable networking opportunities, register now for the Internet Marketing Intensive.

You’ll be surprised how partnerships develop

At the Internet Marketing Intensive, you’ll have the rare opportunity to step back from your day-to-day responsibilities and spend three days with an elite group of industry peers.

You’ll learn from each other while forging new relationships and industry contacts. Most attendees tell us that the connections alone more than justify the cost of attending.

We’ve had the pleasure of putting drastically different publishers together in the same room for mutual benefits.

What kind of partnership can you develop with the attendees at the Internet Marketing Intensive?

Are you a food publisher that could partner with a health publisher? Are you an arts and crafts publisher fit to partner with a bigger publisher in your space?

Make the most of the networking opportunities that we’ve built into the program. You never know when you might get an answer to a complex question, find a business partner, or cultivate a new friendship.

Join us at the Internet Marketing Intensive and discover new business relationships!

At the Internet Marketing Intensive, you’ll discover how America’s top publishers are successfully making the transition to digital. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create, curate, and publish high-quality, search-optimized content
  • Develop blockbuster organic subscription marketing campaigns
  • Master Google analytics, key metrics and keyword research
  • Deploy far-reaching, SEO-driven social media marketing campaigns
  • Conduct valuable digital publishing audit

Presented by Mequoda, the digital strategy experts

Take home a proven, comprehensive strategy for success in the digital age. Join us for our Internet Marketing Intensive — it’s the only learning event of its kind, and the definitive course on Internet publishing success.


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