Opportunities for Digital Publishing Success

There is often news to share relating to the digital publishing environment

From new online strategies to digital magazine subscription statistics, the amount of information that comes forward for online publishers can help streamline their efforts and lead to increased success online. And amidst new Forrester predictions that 760 million tablet devices will be installed by 2016, the opportunities for digital publishing success exist.

With the goal of providing relevant, up-to-date information to the digital magazine publishing industry, we’ve developed a few programs to help publishers better understand the changes taking place around them while growing a new, digital audience.

Learn the secrets behind today's most rapidly growing niche publishers. Download a FREE copy of How to Develop a Multiplatform Magazine Business Plan, and discover how large your magazine business could become and how much of an investment will be required to build your business to maturity.

-The Digital Publishing Bootcamp is a three-day intensive that focuses on proven successes in the digital publishing industry. Throughout the three days you will discover a digital publishing strategy for providing great content, distributing that content, and measuring your progress. Our instructors have been testing and documenting the digital publishing evolution for the last decade; discovered what they’ve discovered works for successful digital publishers. This program is for CEOs, online business owners, financial investors, managers and editors, with a focus on digital immigrants who need helping understanding the digital transformation.

The Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success is the newest addition to our Mequoda Pro webinar library. This 90-minute program is a great introduction to the Digital Publishing Bootcamp as it provides information on making fundamental decisions that all digital publishers will face. You can get on-demand access to this webinar, and 45 additional webinars, with a subscription to Mequoda Pro for $497.

Join the Mequoda community for these exciting, informative events in 2012 and get a better grasp on the current state of the digital magazine publishing industry.


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