Partnerships Are Part of TV Guide’s Digital Publishing Strategy

Digital publishing news for January 30, 2014

Deadline is reporting that TV Guide has partnered with CBS Interactive in a cross promotional content deal. David Lieberman writes, “CBS Interactive will feature some of the magazine’s content on and, and help sell subscriptions on those sites plus Metacritic, CNET, CHOW and GameSpot. CBS Interactive logo In return, TV Guide will  promote CBS Interactive, as the companies put it, “within the pages of TV Guide Magazine.” TV Guide CEO Jack Kliger also stated that the deal will give TV Guide ”a more robust digital presence.”

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Facebook Paper Launches on Monday

Talking New Media is reporting that Facebook’s “Flipboard” styled newsreader Paper launches on Monday. D.B. Hebbard writes, “The first section of the app is the Facebook News Feed which users can customize by topic and themes using the content of well known media outlets. Like other social media apps, the success of the app will not only depend on how users accept it, but how media companies decide to play along.” The app will only be launching for the iPhone on Monday. Will it see mass adoption from Facebook users too? We’ll see.

Mag+ Updated to 5.0

Mag+ has just released the newest version of its platform yesterday. Mike Haney from Mag+ writes, “Sell more issue and subscriptions with our redesigned in-app storefront. We’ve combined the store and library spaces into one more customizable screen, and added features like resizable promotional banners and a featured content area. Read more about the storefront here. Expand to the Android market with our completely rebuilt Android reader apps. In addition to supporting all the same creative features as the iOS apps, as well as our unique scaling issues so one design works on all Android tablets, we’ve revamped the UI and the store, and added support for Appboy features.” The upgraded software is backwards compatible and available today.

Television & Display Internet Advertising Lead Ad Spending

Nielsen is reporting that television and display Internet advertising lead in ad spending for the first three quarters of 2013. The article states, “While measured in a smaller subset of countries, display Internet ads grew by more than 32 percent in the first three quarters of 2013 compared to the same time period for the year prior. Internet ads are proving to be the “diaper dandies” of the ad industry and marketers widely consider them to be rapidly growing in importance. If the medium’s rapid growth is any indication, marketers projections are on the money. Despite the rapid growth of display Internet’s ad budgets, TV continues to reign supreme with a 57.6 percent share of all ad spending and advertisers investing 4.3 percent more into the medium.”

New Editor in Chief at Interview

Fishbowl NY is reporting that Keith Pollock has been named the new editor in chief at Interview. Chris O’Shea writes, “Pollock comes to the magazine from DuJour, where he served as the magazine’s found editor since 2012. Prior to that, Pollock served as editorial director of At Interview, Pollock will report to Fabien Baron and Karl Templer, the glossy’s editorial director and creative director, respectively.”



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