Pixbi Helps Digital Magazines Offer Shopping Experiences

via pixbi

via pixbi

The notion of having a offering a digital magazine that is “shoppable” seems to be a desire of many digital publishers. Of course, it’s not always easy or viable to create a digital magazine that fits with that process.

Pixbi is one company that is helping bridge the gap between retailing and digital magazine creation. Talking New Media has the story on Pixbi’s process. “Pixbi’s solution is fairly simple: the publisher sends Pixbi a copy of their digital magazine file, Pixbi tags the ads and the returns the file back to the publisher. Simple, done.”

Once this is done, digital magazines enhanced by Pixbi include ads with small tags attached to them. This tag signifies that more information on a product can be found once the tag is clicked.

One positive aspect about Pixbi is the fact that the start-up works with Mag+, so there’s a familiarity with digital magazine publishing software.

Read more about Pixbi at Talking New Media. 

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