Quality is Key in Digital Advertising

Four ways to provide quality content and increase digital advertising potential

Digital advertising success depends heavily on the quality of your content. Sure, getting thousands of visitors to your website is a great start, but providing quality content will entice audience members to return again and again.

Although engagement levels often drop after a few months, consistently providing great content will help you stay relevant to your audience. Here are a few ways to present your audience with quality content that will persuade them to visit your site often.

Creating focal points for your audience – If website visitors land on your website and experience confusion or frustration with your site, they will likely leave and never return. Avoid having a cluttered website that isn’t user-friendly. Use intriguing headlines to grab initial attention and incite additional clicks.

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Update frequently – Publishing daily is a recommendation we have for many digital publishers, and it works for those who have a large archive of content. If you have the resources to publish daily content, you should. If you lack the necessary resources, be sure to at least inform your audience of any major updates that take place within your market. This will assure audience members that you’re a knowledgeable source of information worth following.

Use visual imagery – Images attract attention. Website visitors may skim through copy and read certain paragraphs, but images always have a way of gaining attention. Putting images on your website helps create connections with your visitors and creates a balance within the website. When using images, make sure the image aligns with the page’s content, and has a title tag and description so users and search engines can understand the image to the fullest extent.

Social media – Make it clear that you offer social media interaction to your audience as well. Not every web visitor will want to get emails from you, and many will forget to visit your site often. However, if you inform them of your social networking capabilities, they may be more inclined to follow you there.

How have you increased the quality of your web properties? Please share your experiences with the community.


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