Tablet Competition Heating Up, Again

When the iPad was originally released, it marked the beginning of the tablet competition. Since that time, other devices have reached the market, including Kindle, Nook, and Android-powered tablets.

Today, we are seeing new life in the market as it’s been reported that the Kindle Fire has captured half of the Android Tablet Market.

In addition to that news, Barnes & Nobile recently partnered with Microsoft to put more attention on the Nook and its software. This partnership brings more financial backing to the Nook, and gives it a better opportunity to compete with Apple and Amazon.

Finally, in last week’s Mequoda Daily, we announced the launch of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. This subscription offer gives content creators the chance to use Adobe CS6, store gigabytes of content, and receive tips and advice from the community.

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A recent article from Michelle Mastin on PCWorld, discusses three reasons to check out Adobe’s Creative Cloud. She cites the price, automated tools, and software integration as the three main reasons. Check out the article for more insight from her on using this new service.

This new release gives digital publishers the opportunity to bring content to tablets, so they can compete as the tablet competition heats up once again.

What do you think of this latest instance of competition between manufacturers of digital reading devices? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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