The Attitudes of Tablet Users

What activities are tablet users engaging in?

A new survey from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) entitled “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II” uncovers a variety of trends and behaviors associated with tablet users.

Do you know from your own surveys what activities are most popular with tablet crowds? According to OPA, 94 percent – the largest percentage of respondents – said they use their device to find content and information. Accessing the Internet came next (67%) and checking email followed closely behind (66%).

Digital publishers are undoubtedly happy that accessing content is the main activity associated with tablet use. But where exactly does their content fit into this equation? The OPA survey continues by mentioning the types of content being accessed via tablets. The rundown looks like this:

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-Watching video (54%)

-Getting weather information (49%)

-Accessing national news (37%)

-Accessing entertainment content (36%)

It’s worth noting that tablet users appear to be very happy with their devices. Nearly three quarters of tablet owners use their device daily, and another 60% use it multiple times each day.

And as for the associated revenue generation, OPA shares that “Paid apps account for 23% of all tablet apps downloaded in the past year.”

To learn more from the study, please go here.


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