The Top 10 Facts About Digital Readers

The revolution is being televised…on digital readers

The Harrison Group and Zinio announced the results of a national consumer survey this week. According to the press release, the survey was designed to “measure the extent to which tablet-based technologies, dedicated eReaders and related smart technologies benefit American consumers and their lifestyle interests.”

The results mentioned in the press release were incredibly telling about the future of digital readers. As a summary I have compiled the top ten facts announced in the survey’s press release.

(Drum roll)

10. Out of eReader and tablet owners, 58% are reading more digital content than they had originally expected.

9. Within the total population of 18-64 year olds, 50% of eReader and tablet owners spend more time reading magazines and magazine articles.

8. The survey found that 13% of all consumers have the desire to purchase a tablet-based device within the next year. This would bring potential sales to between 13.5 and 15 million units.

7. Digital reader users spend 25% less time watching television.

6. One third of those surveyed have yet to dedicate time to tablet or eReader devices.

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5. Many current eReader owners expect to purchase a tablet within the next year (32%) and 24% of tablet users plan on buying an eReader in the same time frame.

4. More than half of all consumers surveyed (54%) said they “would love to be able to purchase the things I see in magazines directly from the magazine company”.

3. The majority of total consumers (73%) believe “the digital content they purchase once should be available for them to read on any device they own.”

2. In 2008, 10% of users were reading digital magazines or books. Currently 28% have joined the digital revolution.

And the number 1 fact about digital reader users… 81% of tablet owners and 79% of eReader owners envision all forms of publications will be produced almost exclusively in a digital format in the future.

For more on this subject, take a look at the press release or purchase a copy of the research by contacting Burr Brown.


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