Three Expectations From Tablet Users

Do your websites and digital products meet the expectations of tablet users?

Understanding what your audience members expect from their tablet experience is important to digital publishers. It’s even more important to take these expectations to heart and find a strategy that meets both your needs, and the needs of your audience.

Listed below are three expectations tablet users have for their tablet experience.

Tablet user expectation #1: Quicker load time – There is often the discussion of mobile websites. Many pundits will argue that mobile websites don’t really exist; there is only your website, regardless of whether it’s viewed on a PC or tablet. Although true, using the terminology of “mobile website” might help publishers consider the optimization for mobile more often. Data shows that 60 percent of tablet users expect websites to load in less than three seconds. Does your website meet that requirement?

If your website loads too slowly, 16 percent of mobile device users will leave your website and not return. Another six percent will check out what your competitors have to offer.

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Tablet user expectation #2: High level of functionality – Tablet users like their devices because they are mobile, interactive, and have strong multimedia capabilities. These qualities drive users to expect a high degree of functionality. If a website has problems functioning properly on mobile, tablet users may never return.

Tablet user expectation #3: Appropriate formatting – Due to smaller, more interactive screens, websites need to optimize for tables so that design and formatting are not ignored.

Some further information on problematic components of the tablet experience can be found in this free report from Gomez. If you are designing products or websites specifically for tablets, it benefits you to recognize all the current expectations tablet users have, and what the reported errors have been historically.


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