Tomorrow: Discover the Strategies for Digital Publishing Success

Integrated digital publishing has evolved exponentially in a short time. The first major tablet to reach the market, the iPad, was released less than two years ago. Now, Forrester is predicting that 112.5 million tablets will be in the hands of US consumers by 2016.

One-third of the US adult population is predicted to own tablets by 2016. When was the last time you witnessed a market grow like this? We are spectators of an impressive feat – one that will change the course of publishing forever.

The biggest mistake that can be made by publishers and content creators today is standing by idle. There is no time to watch the digital revolution on your computer screen. You need to plan, prioritize, and act if you want to succeed.

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For a foundation on digital publishing, we’ve combined seven pillars to support a digital publishing strategy. It’s these fundamental elements of digital publishing that have been used during the last two years to put digital publishers on a path to success in these changing times.

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