Top Digital Magazine Publishing Articles of Spring 2012

Tips, changes, and growth for digital magazine publishing

I haven’t met too many people who dislike the summer. Hot nights, hotter days, and a week long vacation falls into the plans of many professionals who work hard year round.

And because people like to take time off in the summer, I wanted to recap some of the top digital magazine publishing articles from this past spring, in case you took off early and missed some of the information. These articles hold information on digital magazine publishing tips, changes that have taken place in the industry, and predictions of growth for the digital magazine publishing industry. Please take a look now.

5 Major Digital Publishing Changes

The changes discussed in this article pertain to social media, digital advertising, and search engine use – all elements that are important to the success behind digital magazine publishing. The changes discussed in this article may pay significant part in the future of digital magazine publishing.

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7 Digital Magazine Publishing Metrics

This article covers areas that digital magazine publishers should track to stay on top of the data associated with their activities. If you are publishing content digitally, you need to read this article and familiarize yourself with the metrics of importance.

Digital Magazine Publishing Growth Expected with Tablets

This article discusses predictions of significant growth in the tablet market, which creates potential for digital magazine publishers.

In case you were wondering how these articles got selected, I choose ones that had high social media interaction. Our community members took the time to read and share this content, so it must be important to them.

Check out these three articles on digital magazine publishing and please share any thoughts, or ask any questions that you may have on the topic.


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