Two Major Speakers Added to Bootcamp

Enlightening commentary from two significant industry experts will enhance your Digital Publishing Bootcamp experience

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide a lot of data, tips, and insight over its three-day duration. However, not all of this content will come from Mequoda Group. We’ve brought experienced industry members into the fold to provide additional insight on digital publishing success.

The first addition was Jim Spanfeller, the Bootcamp’s commence speaker. Currently, Spanfeller is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Spanfeller Media Group (SMG), a venture-backed web-based content company he founded.

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The first website launched by SMG is Covering all information related to food, Off to a great start, The Daily Meal has attracts three million monthly unique visitors. With such success in a short amount of time (the site launched in January of 2011) is the fastest growing food site on the web.

Before founding SMG, Spanfeller served as the President and CEO of, where he oversaw Forbes Digital,,,,,, and the Business and Finance Blog Network – together reaching 42 million unique monthly visitors.

Our newest addition to the Digital Publishing Bootcamp is Jeff Gapp, Channel Evangelist at WoodWing USA. He will be moderating our Streamlining Digital Asset Workflows session where understanding the best practices for automating production on multiple platforms will be discussed.

July is here and the Bootcamp is only a few weeks away. Register today while there are still a few seats open.


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