Understanding All Aspects of Digital Publishing

From the seven pillars to publishing digital magazines and streamlining digital asset workflows to building a digital audience, the three-day Digital Publishing Bootcamp covers all areas related to digital publishing success.

The time to register is here, as seats quickly fill up and we get closer to the end of early bird prices.

For the digital publishing professional seeking insight on the changing times, the following sessions at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide you with the latest strategies for maximizing success in the digital realm.

-Integrated Digital Publishing: Seven Pillars for Success – The key tenets for transitioning from print to digital will be shared as the framework of an integrated digital publishing strategy is presented.

-Publishing Digital Magazines: iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Beyond – By 2015, more than a quarter of the US population is expected to own an iPad, let alone other tablet devices. Learn the latest trends, marketing suggestions, and software options for bringing your content to tablet devices.


Growing Your Digital Audience – Gain More Fans, Followers, and Subscribers – Driving website traffic is the first step to building a robust audience. Understanding the best strategies will help you build your email file and establish a social media presence.

Streamlining Digital Asset Workflows – Discover how today’s digital publishers are creating an automated, efficient workspace with the right employees on hand.

If you want to learn more about these sessions, and the rest of the Digital Publishing Bootcamp, take a look at our detailed brochure now.


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