Understanding a Comprehensive Customer Experience Management System

The future of digital publishing focuses on automation and an array of platforms

Email is only one of the ways to approach effective communication.

In fact, a fully integrated, holistic approach to a customer experience management system consists of both premium and affinity platforms.

Email, which is one of the affinity platforms, is a direct and personal option for reaching community members. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter, RSS, and your blog round out the rest of affinity options.

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On the premium side, there is print, and then there are digital options for spreading your content. Since e-reading devices are growing in popularity, they are expectedly the route publishing are heading in. In addition to using the web itself, digital publishers are using iPad, Kindle, Nook, Zinio, and Galaxy to distribute digital content.

Is the concept of a customer experience management system new to you? By embracing this approach, publishers are able to govern interactions between content, users, and systems. This ultimately helps drive greater profits while streamlining the efficiency of digital publishing.

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