InStyle’s Ariel Foxman Talks Magazine Branding

Ariel Foxman Talks Magazine Branding

via Mr. Magazine

Knowing your audience is everything when it comes to magazine branding, and InStyle editor Ariel Foxman definitely knows his audience.

Mr. Magazine writes, “From experimenting with covers and colors – the daring move of using the no-no of green and making it work, to testing shiny versus matte; InStyle spins the chamber of the magazine, hoping for a bullet that hits and resonates with its audience. And proving that taking chances pays off when you know your audience and your brand intimately.”

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In his interview with Mr. Magazine, Foxman brings up some interesting points about magazine branding. He says that “if you don’t know why your brand is unique in your field, what it has to say about your category and how it says it, you’re having a very hard time right now.”

And we couldn’t agree more with his point about “native advertising” aka “advertorials” as a buzzword.

“I’m happy that there are conversations now about native advertising and that everybody in the room and then some now has a word for this sort of thing because it’s not a new idea. Sponsored content is not a new idea, it’s a very old idea and it’s existed in every media including print,” says Foxman.

Read the rest of Foxman’s interview on Mr. Magazine.



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