What Type of iPad App Fits Your Content?

If you already have an iPad or iPhone app in the market, what type of app is it, and how well is it performing?

If you’ve yet to get to market with an app, what type do you think will fit your audience the best? After looking at dozens of digital magazine apps, here are a few types we’ve seen publishers used in harmony with their audience’s needs.

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Three types of digital magazine apps

Media-rich interactive apps: These are surely the most expensive and likely the most engaging apps that can be created for tablets and smartphones. They can be equipped with video, audio, customer service information, share content through social networks, links to additional content and the ability to make purchases directly through the app.

Basic apps: These enhance the digital magazine experience and keep it more affordable from a production standpoint. These apps can be used for magazine subscriptions, reading the content, sharing it, bookmarking interesting parts and searching it for specific keywords.

Promotional or add-on apps: These apps can be designed for subsets of your content, particularly created for valuable assets. For instance, cooking publishers may create an app only for recipes or health publishers can create them specifically for personal workouts like Men’s Health has done.

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