What’s Next for Digital Publishers?

The future cannot be easily predicted, but current observations can be made to help design a picture of the digital future that may not be too far from reality.

For instance, we knew the mobile Internet and mobile devices were going to have an impact on publishers. We just didn’t realize how impactful it would be originally. We are now finding and outlining the new digital revenue streams that exist due to new technologies. We’ve already seen apps, ebooks, and digital magazine publishing that utilizes clickable ecommerce. We’ve seen the importance of organic audience development through popular social networks, search engines and reputable link building. So what’s next for digital publishers?

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Before we jump into the future, we still have some present day issues to address. How is your current digital publishing strategy working? Are you building an online audience and generating revenue through digital products? Are your digital asset workflows streamlined for maximum efficiency? Have you been publishing on Kindle, iPad, and Nook with any specific success?

All of these questions will be addressed at the Digital Publishing Bootcamp in July. In fact, most of these questions have their own session with aligned insight to teach you how to be a better digital publisher. Learn how to audit your digital publishing strategy, publish digital magazines on relevant platforms, learn to streamline digital publishing workflows, and forecast the future with proxy metric modeling. The three-day Digital Publishing Bootcamp commences with a roundtable event where the future of digital publishing will questioned.

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