Zinio Provides Help for Digital Publishers

Zinio is a valuable tool for digital publishers because they’ve taken the reading experience to a new level.

According to the Zinio website, “Zinio provides the ability to shop for, search inside, read, share and save digital content in 23 local newsstands in any country in the world.”

The digital content Zinio has been helping publishers produce incorporates all the interactivity that today’s Internet is constantly buzzing about – with the addition of multimedia experiences that digital magazine consumers expect to see. Or, are pleasantly surprised to see. From animated illustrations to videos, Zinio is showing how publishers should be presenting digital content to their audiences.


We’ve written about Zinio in the past. Our article The Future of Digital Newsstands discusses the digital revolution and Zinio’s part in it. Our Mequoda Summit 2010 in Boston had Jeanniey Mullen, the Global VP and Chief Marketing Officer as a guest speaker who shared her experiences and insights.

The article Creating Digital Magazines: Four Ways to Monetize Your Efforts addresses the emerging platforms, such as Zinio, and suggests strategies for digital publishing that match your brand.

Whether you plan to work with Zinio in the future, or want to look at their products for digital inspiration, the need to create digital content that harnesses the power of technology and brings a sense of innovation to your brand will be a necessity for publishers going forward.


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