Bloomberg Digital Publications To Combine

via Businessweek

via Businessweek

Bloomberg is developing a major digital publishing powerhouse as it sets to merge Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg News.

The website for will publish a mix of quick, breaking news snippet, which is expected from Bloomberg Business. Additionally, the site will also feature longer featured articles with depth and analysis, like those found at Businessweek.

In addition to this combination, the look at the website will change and new content will enter the group, as Folio reports. “Along with the imminent mergers of their content and aesthetic, editorial leadership at the company is changing. John Micklethwait, formerly of The Economist, was named editor-in-chief for all of Bloomberg’s content operations earlier this week, taking over for Matthew Winkler who becomes editor-in-chief emeritus.”

Perhaps this website change will be beneficial in building a bigger digital audience for Bloomberg.

Read more about this expansion at Folio. 

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