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Hearst Makes Deal With DreamWorks

via DreamWorks

via DreamWorks

Hearst is getting more involved in the digital world with its latest partnership.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, “Hearst has acquired a 25 percent interest in AwesomenessTV, the multi-platform media company aimed at teens, for $81.25 million and will partner with ATV parent DreamWorks to grow the business.”

In this process of growth there’s a desire to broaden the audience globally while expanding into new content channels.

A major part of this deal involves ATV gaining access to Heart’s subscription video on demand technology. This allows ATV to offer digital content to its audience across all formats.

The article also states that, “AwesomenessTV boasts an average of nearly 800 million monthly views and a subscriber base of over 114 million.” The company also has multiple YouTube channels that have a lot of popularity and streamlined audiences.

Read more about this new deal between Hearst and DreamWorks at WWD. 

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