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New Digital Magazine Acquired By VRM Media

via VRM Media

via VRM Media

VRM Media, a B2B publisher in the health food and diet industries, has recently acquired Fitness Trainer magazine, according to Folio.

For VRM Media, this is a big step because it gives direct access to another market that they weren’t part of, but one that aligns closely with the other industries they’re already a part of it.

According to Folio, “Fitness Trainer is a bimonthly, digital-only publication distributed to 190,000 personal trainers, coaches and athletes.”

Fitness Trainer magazine was launched only two years ago by Bob Rose, a publishing industry veteran. The digital magazine quickly grew in size. VRM Media is planning steps to make the digital magazine grow even more by launching a new website dedicated specifically to the title. The distribution of this digital magazine will be a key focus.

It’s reported that Fitness Trainer will stay digital-only, as there are no current plans to make a print counterpart.

Read more about VRM Media’s acquisition at Folio. 

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