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Programmatic Direct Platform Unveiled by Verve

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.31.05 PM

Mobile ad network Verve has launched a programmatic direct trading platform, MediaPost’s Real-Time Daily reports.

“’Programmatic direct’ is a hybrid trading model that’s part automation and part direct deals. In a ‘programmatic direct’ deal, the terms of a campaign are fleshed out between buyers and sellers directly, but the actual buying of ads is done programmatically so advertisers can use data to target specific audiences,” Tyler Loechner writes.

“Buyers using the platform are buying Verve’s location-derived audiences and segments and we deliver those ads on direct designated publisher groups,” Verve CEO Tom MacIsaac tells Real-Time Daily. “That’s the default setup. … Buyers can also opt to deliver those same Verve location-based segments on exchange-based inventory. Generally, buyers might do so for greater reach and/or lower price.”

Verve had previously partnered with Vista Media to establish a programmatic ad platform.

To read more about Verve’s new programmatic direct platform, visit Media Post’s Real-Time Daily.

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