Update Comes To iBooks Author

via iBooks Author

via iBooks Author

For digital publishers who offer eBooks in addition to daily articles and free reports, there are some new updates on Apple’s iBooks Author which may be of interest to you.

According to Talking New Media, “The update for iBA now allows designers to import ePub files. It also allows for the importation of Adobe InDesign IDML files, which may prove a big help for seasoned designers expert at Adobe’s publishing design program. (The download is 412 MB.)”

Another new option for digital publishers or designers working with iBooks Author is the auto-play function, which works for video, HTML widgets, and Keynote. Designers can also work on blank templates in case they’re interested in starting from scratch on certain projects.

There are some updates publishers have been seeking which still haven’t been made, like support for iPhones. Perhaps that will be included in a future update to the platform.

Read more about updates to Apple’s iBooks Author at Talking New Media. 

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